High efficiency lights for industry and commerce.

Thanks to our design experience we have developed a LED Lights line with high efficiency and long lifetime (over 50.000 hours).

The headlights Lumens are in the prototype stage, available to production and adaptable to the needs of the customer.


Product Power Luminous flux
SIRIO 80 85 W 10.000 lm
SIRIO 24 25 W 3.000 lm


Lumens products use LED Cree, one of the LED with higher efficiency and reliability. The electronics use drivers with efficiency > 95% and long life. The dissipation has been carefully designed to ensure a surface operating temperature < 50 ° C in unfavorable conditions of use.

Lumens LED products offer several advantages:

  • Energy saving, -30% compared to halide lamps, 80% vs. Halogen lamps,,
  • Long life and reduced maintenance costs,
  • No UV emissions,
  • Low operating temperature,
  • Maximum power efficiency,
  • They do not contain toxic substances.

We consider giving our children a greener world of utmost importance and for this reason we believe in LED technology reducing both energy consumption as well as CO2 production. The materials and manufacturing processes used in the manufacture of Lumens products do not contain nor generate harmful substances and are manufactured in our laboratory of Ferrara, Italy.

Fari LED Lumens