An accurate model of a light source allows for precise analyzes in the design phase and to reduce the costs and time of prototyping. It also allows you to perform analysis of errors and optimize existing products.

lampadina 12V fotometria

The photometry of a device allows the analysis of its features and the light studio of environments by defining the type, location and quantity of light for the best visual quality and compliance with the law parameters. We realize photometric files with ray-tracing simulations.

Model creation of light sources and devices for photometry.

We create 3D models and photometric files of sources and luminaires. The level of accuracy of the model depends on the specifications provided by the customer.

We realize file for each type of source and lighting fixture, from traditional (incandescent, discharge, ..) to innovative (laser, LED, ..).


Esempio di sviluppo ottica a partire dal file sorgente. fotometria_2

The source file created can be used to optimize the body of the device and the optics . The images on this page show the 3D model of an 12 V incandescent lamp with relative photometry (top) and the same lamp with reflector for narrow beam (below) built from the source files.