Services: Design, Prototyping, Characterization



Conduct feasibility studies, identification of solution for concentration that best suits the customer’s needs, design, theoretical efficiency calculation and acceptance.

The types of concentration are wide, so it is important to analyze together with the customer of all the design parameters. Here are some types:


  • Immaging (example Fresnel lenses) and Non Imaging (example CPC/CEC)
  • Concentration 2D (example Trough) and 3D (example Parabolic)
  • Fixed and Tracking
  • Spectral splitting

The working method is divided into four phases:

  1. Define 3D CAD models of customer’s specifications ,
  2. Application materials and surfaces properties,
  3. Ray-tracing and analyzing data,
  4. Optimization model.


conc4_miniWe manufacture prototypes and models of concentration array of small and medium-sized in aluminum and resin material.


We realize measurements of the relative efficiency and acceptance as well as angular profiles of 3D optical efficiency.