The LED technology is constantly evolving and has already achieved remarkable performance at affordable cost now.

The LED lighting is based on solid-state technology (SSL), very different from that used in conventional light sources such as incandescent lamps or discharge.

Figura 1. Lampadine con LED spia.

The LED is current powered, have an beam angle of 120° without secondary optics, a color rendering index that varies depending on the selection and efficiency and durability that vary widely depending on the brand, selection, color temperature and internal temperature.

There are many variables involved and the difference between a long life with low energy and a bad lighting is in making the right choices.

Figura 3: LED multichip Osram Ostar con chip a diverso colore

We have the knowledge and experience needed to get the best out of your LED systems. We can advise you in choosing the type and selection of LEDs that best suits your needs, directing it towards maximum performance with minimum expenditure, ensuring that the end result long-lasting.

We can provide the basic knowledge necessary to independently manage your projects.

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