Many years of experience in the field of Solid State Lighting (SSL), combined with the knowledge of our team allows us to develop every aspect of SSL products following: mechanics, electronics, optics, heat dissipation, and each phase: planning, design, prototype development and industrial development.

Logo Lumens 3DWe wanted to show our ability with the project LUMENS: LED industrial floodlights with high efficiency and durability and competitive production costs.

In 2012 the project Lumens won the call of the Spinner Consortium for European Community and the Region of Emilia-Romagna funds for technological innovation and the European call promoted by Aster, RIC Venture Support Programme which supports business projects in six European regions involved in the promotion of sustainable economie.

The project LUMENS today has passed the stage of prototyping and testing and is available for those interested in the production or purchase of the project. More information on floodlights Lumens are shown in this page.

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