Progettazione Ottica Roncati (Roncati Optical Design) is the business name of Dario Roncati, freelance designer since 2011 in the field of optics and lighting. Since 2008, in collaboration with the laboratory of Paolo Colombani for the realization of prototypes and mechanical projects.

Dario Roncati Optical Designer

Expert in design of LED optics, LED systems for lighting, signaling and measurements and optical systems for solar concentration.

Education and Experience

2014 Registration Register of Industrial Engineers, College of Ferrara, No. 696.

2011 Commenced freelancing: Progettazione Ottica Roncati.CIMG2126_mod

2010-2011 Researcher at the IMEM-CNR, Parma, involved in the development of a system for concentration and spectral separation in collaboration with MIT (USA) and Masdar Institute in Abu Dhabi (View publication).

2008-2010 Optical Designer at OEMC Spa (Italy), design and development airfield lighting.

2008 Completed Master of Science in Physics, Physical Technologies Innovative degree with a thesis on indoor system for the characterization of solar concentrators held at the Optics Laboratory of the Department of Physics, University of Ferrara.

Selective collaborations

Ansaldo STS (Railway Signal LED), University of Ferrara and IMEM-CNR (Solar concentrators).


Link to Dario Roncati publications.

Paolo Colombani Industrial Designer

Decades of experience in the design and development of industrial products, feasibility studies, R & D, aesthetic design, mechanical design, design of mechatronic systems and industrial automation, machining equipment and process.

Education and Experience

Industrial surveyor in Physics, Advanced Course 2D/3D CAD and marketing, experienced in project management, systems engineering, consulting, design, prototyping. Machining plastics, metals and alloys. Knowledge of techinche of finishing materials and techniques of thin film deposition. Design and implementation of processing equipment and processes.

Selective collaborations

Collaboration with research institutes (CNR, Institute Ferrara Ricerche, ENEA, University of Ferrara).